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Statement of law
Note:Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before use the website. Once use the website indicates you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions

1. The use of website
The content of ProSound brand website (hereinafter referred to as the "site") only for your personal appreciation or study, it is prohibited to use for any commercial purposes. For the content contained in the copyright and other proprietary claim, you should respect and maintain ownership in its copy of statement. If the content declare no right, doesn't mean website don't have the rights to its and doesn't mean that the website does not claim rights, you should be in accordance with the honest principle and respect the legitimate rights of contents for legitimate use.

It is forbidden to modify, copy, display, publish, distribute or disclosure of these materials, or use the site content by other means for any public or commercial purposes. It is prohibited to copy site content to any other website or print media or network environment for any purpose. Any unauthorized use of this site content may constitute infringement of copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights. If do not accept or breach the contract, you should immediately stop the use of this website, and should immediately destroy any downloaded or printed content of this site. If violates the above statement, ProSound pursues its legal liability in accordance with the law.

2. Disputes aroused from the statement or using this web site is the applicable to laws of the People's Republic of China.

3. Disputes aroused from the statement or using this web site shall negotiate, if consultation fails, the parties agreed to the jurisdiction of shenzhen court litigation.

4. ProSound owns the final explain right.